1) Select an element

2) Some elements have more than one color which you can modify. Tap on the color you wish to modify.

3) Colors can be selected in 3 ways:

Option 1: Just select a Color & Color Shade

1) Select the color you wish to pick.

2) Select the color shade you wish to pick. To go back and select another color you can tap on the 'colors' from the tab above the shades.

Option 2: Input a custom color

1) If you want a specific color or wish to input a color code, tap on the first color, with the pencil edit icon.

2) This color menu will show up. This will allow you to pick a specific color from he color wheel or input your hex color code.

3) Tap 'Set color' when done.

Option 3: Use Color Palettes

Color Palettes are a set of 5 matching colors which have been selected by our designers. You can also create your own color palettes from the 'My Palettes' section. Custom color palettes are ideal if you have specific brand colors you wish to use over and over without having to select the color each time.