Before editing an element you need to select it. This article shows different ways to select an element.

Step 1: Pause your video

This is not always necessary, but it will make your life much more easier if you pause the video preview before selecting an element. Sometimes, element animations are so fast that as you are about to select them they are already gone as the video plays. So without knowing you might be selecting some other element. To avoid this it might be easier to just pause the video preview.

Step 2: Select your element

Select an Element by tapping on it

The easiest way to select an element is by tapping on it from the video preview. When you tap on the element two things will happen.

  1. The element will be selected
  2. The element settings will show up in the bottom. These allow you to modify the element text, images and colors.

Select an Element from the 'Layers' Screen

Sometimes, you might have many elements in a video, even ones which are in front of each others. In the example below the red box is behind the text, thus making it hard to select without selecting the text by mistake.

In this case, it is easier to select an element from the layers screen. To do this,

1) Tap on 'Layers' in the bottom right of the screen.

2) Select the element you wish to select by tapping on it in the layer screen.