Pinreel comes pre-loaded with professionally designed video templates which you can use to create engaging short videos in seconds.

Video templates are the first thing you will see when you open the Pinreel app.

1) Templates are designed for different sizes (eg: Instagram Stories, Instagram Posts, HD video..). From the top section of the welcome screen select the size of the video you want. The app will now show you only the templates for the size you select.

2) Browse through the template sections of the app and tap on any template you wish to edit.

3) Templates that require Premium to use are marked with a green diamond icon in the top right corner, the rest are all free. If you wish to see only free templates tap on the 'Free' tag from the top section of the screen.

4) When you select a template by taping on it you are directed to the edit screen where you can change the template's text, images, colors and also reposition the elements.